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About Us

Mission Statement Objectives

-TO PROTECT the quality of our environment, particularly the quality of our lakes.

-TO KEEP the membership informed of new and changing community issues.

-TO COOPERATE with and assist local government and civic organizations with programs of value to this area.

-TO REPRESENT our membership in matters of common interest with the appropriate branches of government.

-TO SECURE united action in the protection of the property of its members,where appropriate.

-TO BEAUTIFY our area by encouraging beautification in common areas of the community.

-TO PROVIDE social and recreational activities for our members.

-TO ENCOURAGE tax deductible contributions to the Foundation to fund special projects.

Board of Directors

Executive Board

  • Bill Bailey – President
  • Tim Stachnick – Vice President
  • Kathy Stachnick – Treasurer
  • Penny Gould – Secretary

Board Members – Committee

  • Sal Ricciardone – Water Quality
  • Cathy Matier – Communications
  • Bob Bishop
  • Lorraine Connor
  • Bobbi Moskos
  • Kyle Belokopitsky
  • Doug Belokopitsky
  • JT Cashman
  • Jessica Romero
  • Ernest Small

Get in Touch

Lake Hadlock Association

PO Box 438

Fort Ann, New York 12827

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